Meet Renee

Renee A. Schneider
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and VP of Therapy


Renee is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, as well as the Vice President of Therapy at Brightline. She is passionate about increasing access to evidence-based and culturally responsive mental health care for children, teens, and families.

Renee lives in Belmont, California, and enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband and two children.

Renee has provided services in families’ homes, outpatient clinics, and inpatient facilities.

She enjoys working with young children with externalizing behavior problems, children and teens with developmental differences (including Autism Spectrum Disorder), and teens with mood dysregulation. She appreciates how hard parents work to support their children and teens, and recognizes them as the experts on their own families.

After a pre-doctoral internship at the Palo Alto VA Health Care System, Renee earned a doctorate degree from the University of Georgia. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Palo Alto VA and Stanford University School of Medicine. 

The Fun Stuff

Superpower you’d like to have? The power to heal.

Perfect Saturday? Spending time with my daughter, playing games, and doing arts and crafts.