Meet Kari

Kari Janusheske
Behavioral Therapist


Kari is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a behavioral therapist at Brightline.

Kari lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin and enjoys baking, art, and spending time with her family and her dog.

Kari has had the opportunity to work with a broad variety of clients, including children, adolescents, and young adults. Her clinical experience includes intensive outpatient, private practice, federal probation, and in-home settings. 

Kair enjoys helping children and young adults learn to independently navigate life circumstances. She thoroughly enjoys meeting new individuals and hearing about their life experiences. Kari feels it’s most helpful to build an individualized relationship with each client and that her role is to help them find a balanced approach to accomplishing their goals.

Kari has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Minnesota State University.

The Fun Stuff

Random thing about you? I regularly cook full meals for my dog and I think he’s come to expect it.

Superpower you’d like to have? Invisibility.

Perfect Saturday? Any day I can sleep in is perfect.