Meet Jocelyn

Jocelyn Marcus
Behavioral Therapist


Jocelyn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a behavioral therapist at Brightline.

Jocelyn lives in Silver Spring, Maryland and enjoys thrifting, writing, and being a foodie.

Jocelyn has experience working with people in various seasons of life, from young children to mature adults. She especially loves working with children and adolescents, and enjoys the openness, blatant honesty, and humility that they bring with them.

Prior to joining Brightline, Jocelyn provided trauma-focused services, community-based psychotherapy and Functional Family Therapy (strength-focused family counseling) to children and adolescents with varying psychological and emotional needs. 

At the crux of Jocelyn’s work with clients is her own willingness to be self-reflective, non-judgmental, and compassionate, which she believes to be some of the most important aspects of the therapeutic process. 

Jocelyn has a Master of Science in Social Work (Child, Youth, and Family Services) and Law Minor from Columbia University.

The Fun Stuff

Random thing about you?  I’m a twin mama. (I have 2-yr-old twin girls).

Perfect Saturday? Sleep in, brunch at a cute patio restaurant by the water, listen to live music, have more fun food, and watch some movies on the couch.

Funny family memory? Me and my troop of brothers would spend nearly every summer at the pool.