Meet Christina

Christina Ralko


Christina is a Board-Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a prescriber at Brightline.

Christina lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida and enjoys writing, beach activities, cooking, exercising, and playing with her dogs.

Since Christina began her career in 2014, she has worked in multiple hospitals, outpatient clinics, and telehealth settings. She has also assisted with humanitarian missions. 

Christina cares for all behavioral conditions including attention deficit disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and stress management. She focuses on each patient as a whole, taking into consideration all lifestyle factors to provide the best care. 

Christina has a Master of Science degree in Nursing from Wayne State University. 

Random thing about you?  I was born premature at 24 weeks.

Perfect Saturday? Sleeping in, cooking breakfast, going on a long walk with my dogs, and trying out a new local restaurant. 

Funny family memory? On a family trip to Disney World, my dad was mistaken for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had a crowd of visitors surround him and ask for his autograph!