Meet Cara

Cara McCarthy
Behavioral Health Coach


Cara is a certified Academic Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and behavioral health coach at Brightline.

Cara lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina, and enjoys yoga, hiking, travel, and playing with her one-year-old.

As a school counselor, Cara worked with young people in pre-K through 12th grade in both public and private institutions and from a range of backgrounds. By partnering with families and school communities to encourage growth and address problem behaviors, Cara has loved watching children who previously struggled learn to thrive. 

While working with high schoolers, Cara developed a new joy in helping students use their own unique values and strengths to overcome challenges and reach their potential. In her role as a health and wellness coach, she’s enjoyed working with adults who are ready to make lifestyle changes in order to improve their health. 

Cara finds it inspiring to watch clients learn how to set and accomplish goals and create a renewed sense of self. 

Cara has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Wake Forest University.

The Fun Stuff

Random thing about you? I’m a certified Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver.

Superpower you’d like to have? Flying.

Perfect Saturday? Up early for a morning hike, followed by an afternoon at the ocean, playing in the sand, sun, and waves!