3 tips to help your child with impulse control or focus

These symptoms can feel so tough to manage—and the whole family can feel it. Together we can start to get you some relief. To help you manage your child’s symptoms before your appointment, we wanted to share some strategies you can start using today. 

Your child may be having a hard time managing their impulsivity or staying focused on a task. It can really help to guide them through these exercises that can help them feel calm and control of their body and mind. 

Try these out: 

  1. For impulsivity and impatience: Play games with your child in which you must take turns (board games are great for this!)
  2. For disorganization and scatteredness: Have your child develop color-coded folders to organize various papers (such as homework, schedules, drawings)
  3. For lack of focus: Create a checklist with your child of things to do (like when you’re getting ready in the morning)

We know this is tough stuff, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. We can’t wait to start moving forward, together. See you soon!